Will vaccines elicit a positive spike glycoprotein S2 result on Vibrant's COVID-19 test?

Per the FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), Vibrant is unable provide any interpretation for COVID-19 testing. For information about Vibrant's COVID-19 testing or for support interpreting your results, please visit https://www.vibrant-america.com/covid-19-antibody. Additionally, this FDA announcement (https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/safety-communications/antibody-testing-not-currently-recommended-assess-immunity-after-covid-19-vaccination-fda-safety) may provide further guidance: “Be aware that vaccines trigger antibodies to specific viral protein targets. For example, currently authorized COVID-19 mRNA vaccines induce antibodies to the spike protein and not to nucleocapsid proteins that are likely detected only after natural infections.”

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