Which antibodies distinguish infection versus vaccination? Can you tell me which antibodies are expected to be positive in vaccinated individuals?

Per the FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), Vibrant is unable provide any interpretation for COVID-19 testing. For information about Vibrant's COVID-19 testing or for support interpreting your results, please visit https://www.vibrant-america.com/covid-19-antibody. Additionally, this FDA announcement (https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/safety-communications/antibody-testing-not-currently-recommended-assess-immunity-after-covid-19-vaccination-fda-safety) may provide further guidance: “Be aware that vaccines trigger antibodies to specific viral protein targets. For example, currently authorized COVID-19 mRNA vaccines induce antibodies to the spike protein and not to nucleocapsid proteins that are likely detected only after natural infections.”

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