Can Vibrant's Dairy Zoomer tell me if I can drink A2 milk?

If all Dairy Zoomer peptides are non-reactive except A1 beta-casein and islet cell overlap and BCM-7, the person may (or may not) tolerate A2 cow's milk. It is at the ordering provider's clinical discretion to advise the patient whether to allow or exclude A2 dairy. Before deciding, consider this additional information.
There is significant scientific disagreement whether A2 milk can be consumed by people with cow milk allergy or sensitivity. A1 and A2 are variants of beta casein. In cow’s milk, approximately 60% of beta casein is A2 and 40% is A1. To allow A2 milk, a person must be non-reactive (have negative results) for all whey proteins, butyrophilin, alpha-S1 and alpha-S2-casein, alpha-S2 casein and retinal S-antigen overlap, and kappa casein. The person must also be non-reactive to beta-casein as the beta-casein result reflects both A1 and A2 beta casein variants.
It does not matter if the A1 beta-casein and islet cell overlap result is negative or positive as A2 milk does not contain any A1 beta-casein or islet cell peptides.
BCM-7 is derived from the digestion of A1 beta casein. In the case of the A2 variant, cleavage of BCM-7 either does not occur, or occurs at a very low rate. Studies suggest that BCM-7 is 4-5 times higher in A1 than in A2 milk. This may be the reason why some people can tolerate A2 milk, but cannot tolerate cow milk containing A1.
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