If my Dairy Zoomer indicates I am sensitive to cow's milk, is it safe to consumer other types of milk such as goat or sheep milk?

Vibrant's Dairy Zoomer measures antibodies to peptides specific to cow milk only. Different mammalian species have different proteins and peptides as they are genetically different species and proteins are derived from genes. However, there is scientific uncertainty about cross reactivity among mammalian milks.


A provider needs to use clinical discretion and interpret a patient’s Dairy Zoomer results in context with history/symptoms and risk for reaction with other mammalian milks on an individualized basis.


To further guide decision-making, Vibrant offers protein-level food sensitivity testing specifically for Goat’s Milk (Food Sensitivity Profile 1) and for Sheep’s Milk and Buffalo Milk (Food Sensitivity Profile 2). Additionally, Vibrant offers peptide-level testing for goat milk, sheep milk, camel milk, and donkey milk (Mammalian Milk Zoomer).

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