How can I track my test kit?

You can monitor the status of the kit and collection instructions by logging into the Patient Portal.

To access the patient portal, you'll need your 10-Digit Accession ID, located on the top right-hand corner of the order summary, along with your personal details. You can also find the accession id in the order confirmation email you received.

Here's how to track your kit:

  1. Enter your Accession ID into the requested area and click on "submit"
  2. Add your personal details and click on "submit"

  3. Agree and confirm your information once logged in.

  4. Once confirmed, Click on the "Kit status" tab on the left. Here you'll be able to monitor the kit status. And click on " Check Full Details " to access the details about the receive status of individual samples.
  5. Tracking information of the send and return kits will be displayed on the right.

Note: Kits will not shipped until payment is received on the order.

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