How are processing fees calculated?

When ordering tests from the Vibrant America menu, there are processing fees applied to orders totaling less than $199.

There are no processing fees on labs ordered from the Vibrant Wellness menu.

For Vibrant America tests, a processing fee of up to $99 may apply for orders that total less than $199. 

Processing fees will never exceed $99.  

For example:

  1.  If you order a $50 Thyroid panel only, you will incur the full $99 fee making your total cost $149.
  2.  If you order a $50 thyroid panel + $90 cardiac panel, you will incur a $59 processing fee making your total cost $199.
  3.  If you order a $50 thyroid panel + Wheat Zoomer for $240, you will NOT incur any fees. Your total cost will be $290.

Retesting Discounted Processing Fees

For patients retesting within 180 days of their original test date, they only have a $110 order minimum to avoid processing fees.


Click here to view the full billing menu of Vibrant America and Vibrant Wellness testing.

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