Can Vibrant explain my test results to me?

At Vibrant Wellness, our role is primarily behind the scenes—we're a laboratory, not a direct patient care provider. Our main goal is to provide quality lab work to support you and your healthcare provider in your health journey.

This means we're not equipped to offer you direct medical advice or interpretations about your test results.

While we conduct the testing, we don’t have the full picture of your health, like your medical history, current symptoms, current medications and supplements, allergies or sensitivities, and other tests or procedures you may have had.

Your healthcare provider understands each piece of your health puzzle and can put them together to provide you with the most accurate advice. They're the best person to understand and interpret the results of your test and provide medical advice. 

Thank you for choosing Vibrant Wellness, and we encourage you to reach out to your healthcare provider for any questions regarding your test results, diagnosis, or treatment.

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