Does Vibrant offer Neuropeptide testing, or would the Neurotransmitters test be useful?

There are over 100 neuropeptides produced endogenously in the body to "modulate synaptic activity". The synapse transmits electrical and chemical nerve activity between two nerve cells that 'cross talk' to one another. Some neuropeptides act as neurotransmitters or are co-released with neurotransmitters, but neuropeptides have different signaling actions. Neurotransmitters are not a surrogate for neuropeptides markers. The Vibrant Neurotransmitters test is useful to assess neurotransmitter functioning, but it would not be considered a "neuropeptide test panel".

For more information on the Neurotransmitters test see the attached Neurotransmitters Key Clinical Messages.

Fore more information on the differences between neurotransmitters and neuropeptides, see: 


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