Where can I find sample collection instructions for my order?

If patients know which kind of sample they need to collect, they can view all sample collection types with video demonstrations here

To View Order Specific Collection Instructions

If patients are unsure of the sample type to be collected, they can view collection instructions specific to their order by scanning the barcode in their order summary. Patients will need to to log in to their patient portal to access the collection instructions specific to your order.

Login to the patient portal via this link:  Patient Portal.


If the order requires a blood draw and is shipped to the patient, patients receive instructions for the phlebotomist with their kit. Patients can contact one of our phlebotomy partners to get their blood drawn.

View Blood Draw Locations Here


To access the patient portal, you'll need your 10-Digit Accession ID, located on the top right-hand corner of the order summary, along with your personal details. You will also be able to find the the accession ID in the order confirmation email that you received.

Here are the steps to login: 

  1. Enter your Accession ID into the requested area and click on "submit"
  2. Add your personal details and click on "submit"

  3. Agree and confirm your information once logged in.
  4. Click on "Lab instructions" to find the collection instructions specific to your order.


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