In the Gut Zoomer pathogen panel, what does the little e followed by a number refer to?

GZ Pathogen Detection Reference Ranges

The Gut Zoomer pathogen reference ranges were developed to construct cut off values that differentiate between disease-causing pathogens, opportunistic pathogens, and commensal relative abundance. Results are reported as colony-forming units (CFU), which is a standard measurement unit used in microbiology to estimate the viable microorganisms in a sample. Results are expressed in standard scientific notation. A reported result of 1.20e5 is equivalent to 1.2 x 105, or 120,000 CFU/mL.

Standard Scientific Notation

1.0e1 1 x 101 10 Ten
1.0e2 1 x 102 100 One hundred
1.0e3 1 x 103 1,000 One thousand
1.0e4 1 x 104 10,000 Ten thousand
1.0e5 1 x 105 100,000 One hundred thousand
1.0e6 1 x 106 1,000,000 One million
1.0e7 1 x 107 10,000,000 10 million
1.0e8 1 x 108 100,000,000 100 million
1.0e9 1 x 109 1,000,000,000 1 billion

To calculate Gut Zoomer pathogen results using scientific notation, see: 

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