How quickly can fecal calprotectin improve?

A study of adults with a flare of ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease treated with steroids, biologics, or surgery found significant improvements in 10-25 days.

  • For all patients, initial fecal calprotectin (FC) was 825 μg/g, and repeat test post-treatment was 592 μg/g after median 13 days.
  • In ulcerative colitis, mean FC decreased from 838 μg/g to 523 μg/g over median 10 days.
  • In Crohn's disease, mean FC decreased from 815 μg/g to 651μg/g over median 16 days.
  • In patients who received surgery mean FC decreased from 988 μg/g to 401 μg/g over median 25 days.
  • In patients with perianal disease, mean FC declined from 1154 μg/g to 869 μg/g over median 20 days.

FC response to dietary or nutraceutical interventions will vary based on the specific diet and dietary adherence, specific nutraceutical(s) and dosage, duration of use of diet and nutraceuticals, and the individual's health status.



The Utility of Fecal Calprotectin in an Acute Flare of Inflammatory Bowel Disease: 683


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