Should I stop my multivitamin/mineral for the micronutrient test?

It is best to test while following the diet that is most typical for the patient. Realize that intake of dietary supplements may influence micronutrient levels, however, it depends on what the clinic wants to learn. Do they want to see the impact of the vitamins on the patient's micronutrient levels? Or do they want to get a "baseline" reading of the patient's nutrient status without the supplement?


Please note, Vibrant cannot provide medical advice on continuing or discontinuing medications or dietary supplements. The ordering provider is the best person to determine personalized pre-test conditions for their patients, as the plan will be informed by the patient's medical history, current symptoms, medications/supplements, allergies/sensitivities, and other diagnostic tests. It is the responsibility of the ordering and treating provider to advise patients on whether to test in medicated, non-medicated, supplemented, or non-supplemented conditions

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