Where to add credit card for client billing

Applying a credit card to a patients order depends on the payment method selected at time of order. 

Read more about payment methods here 

Applying Patient Credit Card At Time of Order Placement- Patient Pay Now

1. When placing an order in the order test tab, select the payment method drop down on the right hand side of the order screen


2. Choose "Patient Pay Now" to get credit card information from the patient while they are still in your office or on the phone with you.


3. Verify all other Order Summary items and preferences are correct and select "Checkout" to continue


4. Input patient credit card information in this section to complete their order. Patients will receive payment receipt via email. Statements can also be accessed at any time using the statements tab. 

Applying Patient Credit Card After Order Placement- Patient Pay Later was selected

If you selected Patient Pay Later at the time of the order, your patient will have been sent instructions to complete payment on their own via email or text before the order is processed. They will be prompted to complete payment via a secure link that will automatically apply the payment to their account in your portal. 

However, if a patient does not complete payment due to missing the payment notification or some other reason, this is how you can apply a patient's credit card for them if they contact you to make payment or you must reach out to them due to an outstanding balance that appears in your Updates Section.


Updates Section 

1. Selecting the name of a patient in an update from the Updates Section will take you directly to the patient profile


2. In the Patient Profile, select "Pay Bill"


3. Select the payment method drop down


4. Choose "Patient Pay Now - Credit Card" to apply the patient's credit card manually


5. Input the patient's credit card to complete payment


6. Click "Complete Payment $275.00" to complete payment and send the patient an email receipt


Patients Tab

You may also search for the patient by name, accession ID, or DOB in the Patients Tab

If you search for the patient's name in the Patients Tab, you will be presented with the patient profile summary with convenient shortcuts

Using the "Pay Bill" shortcut button allows you to skip to step 3 in the directions from the patient profile accessed from the updates section. 

Selecting the patient's name from the patient profile summary in the Patients Tab will take you to the patient profile to follow the same steps as when the patient profile is accessed from the Updates Section

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