Why would my hemoglobin A1C results vary in a short time?

"Possible reasons for the increase in HbA1c could include reduced physical activity, reduced sunlight exposure, and dehydration during hot weather" (Alghamdi et al., 2021). 
"Any condition that prolongs the life of the erythrocyte or is associated with decreased red cell turnover exposes the cell to glucose for a longer period of time, resulting in higher A1c levels. Iron deficiency anemia is a commonly reported condition associated with falsely elevated A1c" (Radin, 2014). 
According to the American Diabetes Association, "the results of this study indicate there is significant short-term variability of HbA1c. It is common for a repeat HbA1c to be below the threshold for diagnosis of diabetes after a first apparently diagnostic test, potentially leading to diagnostic confusion and uncertainty. The tendency for HbA1c to fall on repeat testing may reflect regression to the mean and/or genuine glycemic change over the preceding 14 days...Clinicians need to be aware that significant test-retest variation exists in HbA1c and is sometimes quite large."

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