What is the difference between ImmunoBlot and Immunochip? Why does Vibrant use Immunochip?

The ImmunoBlot is a type of Western Blot method that uses a gel to separate proteins and transfer them to a membrane, increasing the chance of human error.

ImmunoBlot is based on the bands of measurement from gel-electrophoresis and antigen-antibody interaction. This method can potentially shift bands for different strains or proteins at times, which might yield false positives or negatives.

Additionally, ImmunoBlot is time-consuming and cannot be multiplexed into a single assay. It requires processing “n” plates to detect “n” markers, and the serum requirement will vary depending on the number of plates processed.

Conversely, Vibrant's Immunochip method uses advanced silicon microarray technology and chemiluminescence for high sensitivity and specificity in antibody detection. This automated process can analyze 96 specimens in just 2 hours with less labor and reduced error risk. Vibrant prefers the Immunochip due to its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and streamlined process, eliminating the need for manual interpretation and allowing all antibodies to be detected in a single run.


Our unique technology enables scalability, resulting in faster results and competitive pricing—without sacrificing accuracy.

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