Is Spelt used in the Food Sensitivity test the same as Farro?

The specific variety of spelt tested on the Food Sensitivity test is triticum aestivum sss. spelta.

Spelt (triticum spelta) is a variety of wheat.

Farro is one of several species of hulled wheat. Other hulled wheat examples include spelt, einkorn wheat, and emmer. Hulled wheat are species of wheat that must have the outer inedible hull removed to get to the edible kernel.

However, food processing methods aside, these are all varieties of wheat, and the proteins in wheat are highly similar. In people with food sensitivity, when proteins are highly similar to one another (about 75% or more similar), it may cause what is known as 'cross reactivity' in which the immune system mistakenly identifies the proteins as the same and has a reaction to both proteins.

For this reason, most healthcare providers advise people sensitive to wheat to avoid all varieties of wheat. 

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