Is D-arabinitol the most sensitive marker for detection of Candida, and how does it compare to the Candida + IBS Profile?

Every laboratory test has strengths and limitations.

D-arabinitol is a sugar alcohol that can be produced by various Candida species, particularly Candida albicans. D-arabinitol, L-arabinitol, and the D-arabinitol/L-arabinitol ratio have been examined as markers of invasive candidiasis, primarily in immunocompromised people. However, not all Candida species produce D-arabinitol.

It's important to note that while D-arabinitol testing can be informative, the identification of the specific Candida species causing the infection may require more comprehensive laboratory methods, such as serological, culture, or molecular methods to guide appropriate treatment decisions.

The Candida + IBS Profile measures serological response to 8 Candida species, 1 saccharomyces species, and 1 Cladosporium species and can provide evidence of recent acute Candida infections and/or reactivation (IgM) as well as chronic persistence and/or past exposure (IgA + IgG). 

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