What tests are recommended for nail fungus?

No Vibrant Wellness tests is specific for nail fungus; however, the several tests can confirm an immunological reaction to Candida species (Candida + IBS Profile), the presence of fungal metabolites (Mycotoxins and Organic Acids), or fungal overgrowth in the intestines (Gut Zoomer).

These tests can provide utility to determine whether the nail fungus is systemic rather than localized localized to just the nails.

If the nail fungus was just localized to the nails, treatment is typically applies locally (e.g. topical treatment to nails). If the nail fungus is part of a more systemic fungal overgrowth or infection, oral or inhaled antifungals are often indicated (e.g., inhaled for suspected naso-sinus biofilms or lower respiratory tract infection).

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