How Do I Find Out More About Vibrant Tests? Using The Vibrant Educational Center

Educational Center

To help you and your patients get the most out of Vibrant Wellness tests, we've created a collection of resources to help simplify the science, clinical utility, and interpretation of test results.


Our "Educational Center" is packed with valuable materials—from our team’s published research articles to precise collection instructions and educational content you can share directly with your patients. 


This “Educational Center” is designed to enrich your clinical practice, making it easier for you to understand and convey complex information to make the best lifestyle modifications to your patients. 


It can be found on the dashboard of your portal.

The “Educational Center” is categorized by test. Use the search bar to easily find any test. 


Click the test card to browse related resources.

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Understanding Resources of the “Educational Center”: 

The test cards will indicate the sample collection methods applicable to each test. 


All of our tests have different resources categorized into four sections as seen below. 

Examples of different resources available for tests:

Example Reports: 

Understand the results process by taking a look at what a patient’s results may look like.


Key Clinical Messages: 

These summaries provide you with quick reference points to explain complex concepts to patients such as what the test is for, what it measures, and what the findings might mean before or after results have been received. 

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Educational Videos and Webinars

Learn from our expert clinical team and esteemed guests through recorded webinars and educational videos covering symptoms, testing methodologies, lifestyle implications, and more.

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Vibrant Wellness stays at the forefront of wellness innovation with continuous research and clinical studies that back our testing protocols and findings. Stay up-to-date with the latest published research related to each test. 

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Collection Instructions 

Ensure the accuracy of test results with detailed collection instructions for both in-office and at-home sample collections for you and your patients. 

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Patient Marketing Material

Summary documents you can provide to your patients that are easily digestible and allow patients to be more involved in their health and wellness journey with you. 

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And more… 


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