Can I change what notifications my patients receive?

Changing when your patients are notified about their orders

Many providers want to change when Vibrant notifies their patient about their order. One of the most important settings in this section is the ability to choose whether or not patients are notified when results are ready. Due to the complex nature of many tests, some providers choose to not make results available to their patients until after they have consulted with them to explain their results.


Below you will see the steps to take to change your patient notification settings along with what settings can be changed:

1. From the dashboard, select the Profile Control Panel in the upper right hand corner


2. Select 'Settings & Preferences'


3. Select 'Notification Preferences'


4. Scroll to 'Notify Patient When'


5. Practice admins can change practice defaults but providers will only be able to change notification settings for their own patients if the practice admin has not applied default settings to all providers.

Read more about account roles and permissions 


6. On a personal level, you can choose whether to use the practice default settings or personalize your own. If you cannot change your settings because a practice admin has applied default settings to all providers, please contact your practice admin. 


8. Choose which events will trigger patient notifications. Events without a text notification option will be an email notification. 


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