How do I make a payment for my patient's order?

You can make the payment for your patient's order 


1. Log into the Provider Portal using the following link

If you don't know your username and password, please contact our support team to reset your password at

2. Click on the 'Patient' tab at the top of the page.

3. Search for your patient by using the filters.

4. Once you find the patient, click on the "Pay Bill" button associated with the entry which will pop up the payment page.

5. Select the mode of payment from the "Payment method" drop down.

  • Patient Pay Now - Credit Card : This will allow you to charge the patient's cc and complete the payment.
  • Patient Pay Later - Email or Text instructions to Patient : You have the option to text and/or email a payment link to the patient.
  • Provider Office Bill - Card on File : You have the option to charge the provider's cc saved on file and complete the payment. You can also add a new card and run the payment.

Please visit the following link if you are patient who want to pay for their testing :

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