How do I add, remove, or manage members in my practice?

Practice Admins can manage all providers and add new providers using the Providers In Your Practice Section of the Practice Details settings.

The first account created for a Practice is automatically a Practice Admin. More than one Practice Admin may be assigned by the original Practice Admin. 

Read more about account roles and permissions


Adding Providers To Your Practice

Providers can be added by Practice Admins. When a Practice Admin enters the provider's NPI at the time they are added, Practice Admins may begin placing orders on that provider's behalf immediately and indefinitely. 

1. In the Settings & Preferences, select the Practice Details tab.

2. At the bottom of the Practice Details tab you will see the Members In Your Practice section.

3. Use the "+ Add New" button to invite providers to your practice.

4. Input the providers' information and choose their "Role". Select Add to proceed. Invitations for providers added without an NPI will expire in 15 days. Practice Admins can resend expired invitations. 

5. After a Practice Admin invites a Provider, the Provider must accept the invitation link in their email inbox to log in to the portal and place their own orders. If the provider was added by the Practice Admin with their NPI, the Practice Admin can choose to continue to manage patients and orders on the provider's behalf without the need for the provider to create an account. 


Managing Providers in Your Practice

In the Members In Your Practice section, Practice Admins can now see the following statuses for providers who have been added without an NPI number:
  1. Account Created: The provider has accepted the invitation and has successfully created a portal account.
  2. Invite Sent (Invitations expire in 15 days and must be re-invited)
Practice Admins can see the following for providers who have been added with an NPI number:
  1. Account Created: The provider has accepted the invitation and successfully created a portal account.
  2. Account Pending: Orders can be placed on behalf of this provider by a Practice Admin because their NPI was entered by a Practice Admin when invited, but they have not yet accepted the invitation to the practice and created an account from the email invitation. (Does not expire)
Provider details can be edited by the Practice Admin in the Members In Your Practice section.

**Practice Admins can also Edit/Remove accounts in this section.


Steps for Providers to Accept the Invitation

1. Providers will receive an email invitation to finish the signup process (2 minutes) to create a portal account. Orders can be managed by Practice Admins if the provider was added with an NPI regardless if the provider completes the signup process. Once the provider has completed the signup process, their account status will change to Account Created.

2. After clicking the link in the email, Providers will be directed to finish signing up for their account.  Certain fields already submitted by the Practice Admin will remain locked, however, the Provider will need to enter some information.

3. Lastly, the Provider will set their Password and be able to log in and use the Vibrant Provider Portal.

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