How to submit feedback in the Vibrant Wellness Portal

Users are encouraged to give feedback in the portal. Users can submit original feedback, or engage with existing feedback by leaving a comment or upvoting the post. Feedback is separated into different boards to reflect feedback from different areas across the Vibrant experience. Each board has different categories to allow users to further filter feedback. When browsing existing feedback on each board, users can filter by category and status.

To Give Feedback In the Portal: 

  1. Select the Tool Center drop-down in the top menu of the portal
  2. Select Give Feedback
  3. Choose the appropriate board
  4. Give the post a title and describe the request and attach any related documents (NO PHI)
  5.  Select the appropriate category
  6. Select the "Create Post" button

Original posters, commenters, and voters will be notified via email when their feedback has been implemented. 

Users are required to have an email associated with their account to submit feedback. If users do not have an email associated with their account, they will be prompted to connect one when they attempt to submit feedback.  


Learn how to find and interact with existing feedback 

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