How do I schedule a clinical consultation?

How to Schedule a Clinical Consult on the Vibrant Wellness Portal 

Note: Clinical consultations are available for providers only. Patients cannot book clinical consultations.

Navigating to Schedule Section

  1. Access the Portal: Begin by navigating to the provider login page on the Vibrant Wellness website.
  2. Log in  
  3. Navigate to the “Meeting” section in the upper right-hand corner and select the “Schedule a Clinical Consult” button. 
  4. Copy the accession ID for the order or orders to be discussed before clicking the “Schedule a Clinical Consult” button.
  5. Paste the accession ID(s) into the search bar, select your orders, and select “Next.” 
  6. The next screen will allow users to select which tests from the order(s) to discuss and add an optional message to the clinical team.
  7. The “Next” button will show our clinicians available for consultation.

Clinical Consults can also be scheduled directly from the Complete Patient Profile which allows users to bypass the need to enter an accession ID. 

Choosing Your Consulting Clinician

  1. View Team Members: The clinicians will appear in a prioritized order based on your selected test(s) and their availability.
  2. Select “See detail” clinician cards to view their qualifications and specialty areas.
  3. Use the “Check Availability” button to view their availability.

Note: It is recommended that users schedule their clinical consult approximately one week in advance of the patient's scheduled appointment if they would like to consult with experts about the results before speaking to their patient.


Scheduling the Meeting

  1. Choose a Date: After checking the team member's availability, select a suitable date to view all available times on the right side.
  2. Choose a time and select "Next".


Review and Confirm

  1. Review Program Terms of Service: Before finalizing the consult, review the program's terms of service.
  2. Meeting Format: Users can select whether they would like a Zoom consultation or a phone consultation. Next users will enter the contact information for the clinical team and click the “Confirm” button.
  3. The primary email address on file will receive a confirmation email that includes the Zoom link if the user selected the Zoom meeting option, along with a reminder email prior to the consultation.

Managing the Consultation

To make changes to scheduled consultations:

  1. Navigate to the Meeting section. 
  2. Select the consultation to be changed to cancel or reschedule.
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