How do I set up an account?

To set up a Vibrant Wellness provider portal account, sign up here.

All sign ups through the link above will create a Practice Admin account. This means that you will have full administrative access to your account and can invite providers to your Practice. Learn how to invite providers to your Practice here.

1. Validate if you are operating from the United States or not.

2. Ensure you have a valid NPI number to set up your account (we're unable to set up U.S. accounts without a valid NPI number).

3. Fill out the General Information page. The email address entered here will be the Practice Admin's login email address.

4. Click Create Account.

5. Set your password.

6. Click Continue.

7. You have successfully created a Practice Admin account! Sign In to continue.

Learn how to invite providers to your Practice here.

If you do not want a Practice Admin account and you just want a Provider account, you will have to be invited by a Practice Admin to sign up. Once you have been invited by a Practice Admin, follow the steps here.


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