How do I change my email notification settings as a provider?

Provider Personal Notification Preferences

If you find yourself wishing you received fewer email notifications about your order, or if you would like to be notified more often you will want to visit the 'Notification Preferences' section in your portal. We will show you how to customize these settings so you receive exactly the right email notifications for your workflow.

Provider notifications can be set on a provider level as well as practice level defaults. Only practice admins can change the practice level defaults. These notification preferences allow you to specify when you would like to be notified via email in regards to specific events or milestones for each order you place. 


1. From the dashboard select the user in the upper right hand corner


2. Select Settings and preferences


3. Select Notification Preferences


4. Practice admins can change practice defaults but providers will only be able to change their own preferences if a practice admin has not applied default settings to all providers. If you cannot make changes to your personal settings, please contact your practice admin. 


5. On a personal level, you can choose whether to use the practice default settings or personalize your own. The first section allows you to select which steps in the order process you would like to be notified about each patient.


6. Choose whether to be notified via email for any of the following events


7. You will be able to change the duration of settings with specified days


How to Change Patient Notification Settings



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