How to use the new Personalized Reports?

New Vibrant Personalized Reports


New Vibrant Personalized Reports give users the flexibility to maximize efficiency in any clinical setting or workflow with customizable report options for each test: Summary, Interpretation and Full Report. Users can choose the level of detail included in reports from only the most important information, to everything available. Users can access a different version of the report at any time. 

Accessing Personalized Reports

  1. To personalize a report, first open the Complete Patient Profile by selecting the patient's name anywhere throughout the system.
  2. Select Test Report.
  3. Select View or download on Personalized Reports. The checkboxes allow you to choose report types for each test. 
  4. Select View to open the file in a new tab or Download to choose your file type. Files will be downloaded with a file name of patientlastname.firstname.accessionID.

Different Report Types

Summary Report

The Summary Report offers a condensed overview of the most important test results, including all markers that fall outside the normal range or are deemed at risk. Users can quickly identify areas of concern by omitting irrelevant markers in the normal range. 

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The Interpretation allows users to quickly understand abnormal results in the Summary Report by attaching an interpretive comment written by our experts. Users can use this report to help patients remember what their results mean or create a more efficient provider experience. When users select Interpretation, Summary will automatically be selected.

Summary With Comment (1).png


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Full Report

The Full Report provides respective values of all markers tested including both normal and abnormal results. This report gives a deeper dive into the data. Users may choose to also include information views from the Summary and Interpretation reports by selecting multiple boxes or using the Select All button. 

Custom Format Reports.png

or omit the summary and interpretation for a complete markers list only

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Using the Module

Customization With Multiple Tests

When multiple tests are included in a single order, users have the ability to make information selections for each test for a truly customized report. 

  1. Use this checkbox to apply an information selection type to all tests in the order.
  2. Use this icon respective to the test rows and information type columns to make individual selections for each test. 
  3. Use this checkbox to omit tests from the overall report.

Report Date

The report date will specify the date that all results were approved by the lab for final results. 

Report Status

Personalized Reports allow easy access to preliminary reports. The report status section indicates whether a report is preliminary or final. Downloaded preliminary reports will show a partial report label on the PDF.

Learn More About Preliminary Reports

Share Button

1. The share button allows users to share results with patients or other providers. 

2. When the share button is clicked, users will be prompted to enter the email address they would like to share results with. 

3. To access the results, the receiver must enter the patient's date of birth to view the shared document. 

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