How Do I Add Multiple Patients At Once?

The Bulk Batch Upload feature on the Vibrant Wellness Ordering Portal allows users to add multiple patient records at once. Easily migrate patient lists from other systems to quickly integrate an extensive patient base into the Vibrant platform.


Using the Feature

Follow these steps to upload patient information in bulk:

  1. 1. Download the Template: Use the Download template link to obtain the formatted CSV file required for the upload.
  3. 2. Enter Patient Data: Fill in patient details in the template. This can be done manually or by pasting data into the file. Ensure that all fields with an asterisk (*) are completed, as these are required for a successful upload.
  5. 3. Save the Template: After entering all necessary information, save the CSV file.
  7. 4. Attach and Upload: Return to the portal, click on Attach, select the saved template, and submit it for processing.
  9. 5. Order Tests: These patients will now be searchable in the order test menu tab so you can place orders for them. Once an order has been placed for these patients, they will appear in the patients tab.

The portal will flag any duplicate records and alert users of any import failures due to missing required information. 

If any errors have occurred, users can  download an error list to fix the information and re-upload by selecting the Add More Patients button. 


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