How do I get updates on my orders in the portal?

The Updates section in the Vibrant Wellness Ordering Portal consolidates all patient and order updates into a single, accessible location. On the home page users are alerted when progress is made on an order, flag, or an issue arises. When an update is selected, the associated patient profile will open in a new tab with more detail.


Updates Details:


1. Tabs:

View updates by category

See list below for all update types in each tab:


all updates in all tabs


Generated Reports 

Newly generated reports


Amended Reports

Reports that have undergone a change

  • TNP recollected after preliminary report release 
  • Any other situation where the lab may re-run the test resulting in changed values


Includes updates regarding all issue types. New issue updates are red and resolved updates are green.  

  • TNP (Test Not Performed) Issue/ resolved
  • Billing issue/ resolved
  • Shipping issue/ resolved 
  • Missing information issue/resolved 
  • Partial sample received/ resolved 
  • Waive form issue/ resolved 
  • Questionnaire Incomplete/ completed


Summarizes all shipping updates

  • Lab shipped 
  • Lab received (blood kit)
  • Lab received (non-blood kit)
  • Patient received 
  • Patient shipped (blood kit)
  • Patient shipped (non-blood kit)
  • Delivery issue


Updates regarding settings, statements, etc.



Updates regarding flags


2. Filters:

Use filters to specify time frame or view flagged orders only. Each tab can have independent filters and will stick when users navigate to a different tab and then back to the original tab even if users change the filters for a different tab. 

  • Timeframe - Specify updates by timeframe 
    • Last 24 Hours 
    • Last Workday
    • Last 7 Days 
    • All Time
  • Flag - View only orders with flags
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