How do I contact support about a specific sample?

You may need to contact support about a specific sample due to clinical questions, technological issues, or administrative and logistical concerns such as billing, shipping, notifications, collection, and more.  Depending on your reason, there are different ways to get the best support. 


Clinical Questions

If you have received results for a specific sample and have questions about the clinical interpretation of these results, please take advantage of our clinical consultation program. 

Learn How To Schedule A Clinical Consultation Here


Technical/ Logistical/ Administrative Questions 

1. Use the Patients Tab to search for the specific sample using the patient's name or accession ID to view Patient Profile Summaries

2. On the Patient Profile Summary use the 3 dot action menu to select "Contact Support" 


You can choose to contact support for a specific sample via chat, phone, or email

3. You may also contact support for a specific sample from the Complete Patient Profile.

The complete patient profile can be accessed by selecting the patient's name in the Updates Section on the Dashboard, or the Patient Profile Summary on the Patients Tab



A Few Solutions To Try Before Contacting Support 


If you are wondering about the status of your order, kit, or report check the patient profile in the Patients Tab to view up-to-date statuses for the order. 



Learn How to apply a credit card to a patients order



Patients can track their shipments in the patient portal. You can share this link with them directly using the share button on the patient portal card in the Patient Profile. You may send the portal link to the email on file or enter a new email without changing the email on file. You may also enter your own email to log in as your patient. 

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