Dashboard/ Home Page Overview

The home page serves as your command center bringing you valuable updates, and a wide range of resources to support your clinical care including clinical consultations, order updates, educational resources, support resources, and more. 



Updates Section 

The updates section allows users to view/ filter updates from all event types for all orders in one place to easily see the information they need to stay up to date on all patient orders. 

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Schedule A Clinical Consultation

Complimentary clinical consultations are available to help interpret your patient's results. Schedule and manage clinical consultations in the portal dashboard. 

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Education Center

Understand Vibrant tests through educational documentation for providers as well as patient marketing material including interpretive guides, what the test is for, what the results could possibly mean, published research, and more. 

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Help Center

The help center allows users to search for answers to their clinical, logistical, or technological questions regarding vibrant before raising their concern to support or their account manager allowing them to better self-serve.

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