What is Express Checkout and the Express Checkout Warning?

What is Express Checkout?

Express Checkout allows patients to fill in their personal details later, helping providers maximize clinical interactions and minimize administrative burden.

Ship-to-patient orders can be placed without a patient's address. The patient will receive an email to complete their order by entering the required missing information or payment details. When providers place an order that will be blocked if the patient does not complete the information form sent via email, they will see a courtesy reminder alerting them of this requirement for the kit to be sent.

Please note: Orders containing physical products subject to sales tax, such as NutriProz or Régénère, require the provider to enter an address.

Users can disable the courtesy message with the Express Checkout setting or toggle in the pop-up. This setting only refers to whether the courtesy pop-up will be shown or not. Users will be able to place ship-to-patient orders without an address when the toggle is either "ON" or "OFF".

Settings> General Preferences > Express Checkout

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Permanently Dismiss the Courtesy Pop-up

Enabling Notification Reminders

How Providers Can Enter A Missing Patient Address

How Patients Complete their Order

Courtesy Pop-Up

The courtesy pop-up serves to remind providers that they are placing an order that will be blocked unless their patient completes the missing information form sent to their email. It is important to note that this pop-up does not block users from placing orders that fit this criteria regardless of their Express Checkout setting. If providers regularly place orders missing patient address information with the expectation that their patients will complete the information, they can choose to permanently dismiss this courtesy pop-up.


Permanently Dismiss the Courtesy Pop-Up

When users switch the Enable Express Checkout toggle "ON" in the pop-up module, the pop-up will no longer be shown when users place orders that are missing a patient address.

Orders can be placed without a patient address whether the Express Checkout Setting is "ON" or "OFF". This setting can be configured at the personal or practice level.

This setting can also be found in Settings> General Preferences > Express Checkout> Require minimum patient information when placing an order

Enabling Reminder Notifications

Notifications can be enabled to notify the provider when an order is blocked due to a missing address. Providers can customize the intervals between reminders. Patients will automatically be reminded every two days that they have not completed their information. 

Settings> Notification Preferences> Provider Notification> Patient has missing information

Identifying Orders Blocked By A Missing Patient Address

The patient is allowed two days to complete their information form before a missing information flag is added to their patient profile. Orders with missing patient address information can be identified in the Patients tab. Here, providers can manually enter the patient's address if the patient did not complete the form sent to their email.

How Providers Can Enter A Missing Address

Providers can select "Add" on the patient issue bar to manually add a missing address if the patient fails to complete the form.

1. Enter the missing patient address details

2. Choose whether or not to apply this address to all future orders


How Patients Complete the Process

Patients will receive an email indicating that action is needed to complete their lab order. If providers have chosen to send an order summary email to patients, they will receive the email to complete next steps following the order summary. Patients will be able to complete all required next steps from this flow.

1. Patients will select the Input Address button

2. Patients will enter their shipping address 

3. Patients will select the "Save Shipping Address" button. The "Apply to All Future Orders "checkbox will automatically be checked unless the patient has an additional address already on file.

4. Patients will confirm or edit their address 

5. If there are any next steps for the patient to complete their order, including making a payment or learning more about blood draw options, the patient will be directed to do so.

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