How do I know if a patient hasn't paid their outstanding balance?

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Identifying Orders with a Remaining Balance

Kits will not be sent to patients until the full balance is paid. A Billing Issue flag will not be issued in the Patients tab until the patient has failed to make payment for seven days. 

If an order is scheduled for a later date, the seven-day delay for the issue flag will not start until the order summary is sent to the patient on the scheduled date. The remaining balance can be viewed prior to the scheduled date from the Patient Lab Profile

Viewing Patient Remaining Balance

Providers can find the remaining balance in the Patient Lab Profile.

Access the Patient Lab Profile by selecting the accession ID anywhere throughout the system. 

1. In the Patient Lab Profile select the Order Info tab

2. Select Balance Due to view the full payment details. Payment details can be viewed even if the remaining balance is $0.00. 

Users can view the payment type, payment method, service date, payment date, amount paid, order total, and remaining balance. 

How Patients View Their Remaining Balance Due

Patients can view their remaining balance by accessing the Patient Portal. To log in, patients will need their accession ID from the order summary that was emailed to them.

How do I log in to the Patient Portal?

Resend Patient Portal Invitation

If patients cannot access the patient portal, they should contact their provider. Providers can resend the link to the patient portal from the Patient Lab Profile


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