How do I access my order summary/ requisition form?

There are two ways you can access your order summary:

1. From the order confirmation notification email that you received : This email will contain the order summary  as an attachment with instructions on how to open and view it.

2. From the patient patient navigation portal:

You can access the patient navigation portal from here :  Patient Portal

To access the patient portal, you'll need your 10-Digit Accession ID. This id will be on the order confirmation email that you received. If you don't have access to the accession id, please reach out to customer service by emailing or by calling 866-364-0963.

Once on the patient portal follow these steps: 

  1. Enter your Accession ID into the requested area and click on "submit"
  2. Add your personal details and click on "submit"

  3. You can access the order summary by clicking on the "Order Summary" hyper link on the right side of the screen.


In the patient portal, you will have access to the following:

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