How do I identify orders blocked by a missing questionnaire and resend the questionnaire link?

Users can identify orders blocked due to a missing questionnaire in three places:

  1. The Updates section of the Dashboard
  2. An issue flag is attached to the Patient Profile Summary in the Patients tab
  3. From the Complete Patient Profile

Increased Visibility for Missing Questionnaire.png

If a patient questionnaire is required to complete an order providers can access the questionnaire from the Questionnaire Result section of the Complete Patient Profile. They may also manually resend the questionnaire link or fill it out in the office if the questionnaire has not been completed. An issue flag will also be viewable in the Patients tab and Complete Patient Profile if an order is blocked due to a missing questionnaire. 

Accessing Patient Questionnaire Links

To access a patient's questionnaire, open the Complete Patient Profile by selecting the patient's name anywhere in the system.

  1. In the Complete Patient Profile, select the Test Report tab.
  2. Scroll to Questionnaire Result - If a questionnaire is required, users can view Questionnaire Status and click to open the questionnaire link. Users may share this link with the patient or fill it out with them over the phone or in the office. 

How to Set Up Automatic Patient Questionnaire Reminders



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