What is the Questionnaire?

Some of our tests require a patient questionnaire for more accurate results. The questionnaire must be completed for the sample to be processed, so results cannot be given without it. 


If a questionnaire is required, the patient will be emailed a secure online interactive form.

Your provider may choose to enable automatic reminder emails or contact you directly to complete missing required questionnaires. If your provider has asked you to complete a questionnaire you do not have access to, please reach out to support@vibrant-wellness.com or call 866-364-0963.



If a patient's order requires a questionnaire, they will automatically be emailed an interactive online form that auto-fills into the portal. Providers can access a patient's questionnaire status or complete the questionnaire for the patient in the Patients Tab. 

Learn How to Identify Orders With Missing Questionnaires and Resend Questionnaire Links

Learn How to Setup Automatic Questionnaire Reminders for Patients

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